Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wire Workshop

 We had a blast hosting an in home craft party where we taught wire making skills, drank cocktails, and wore crowns.  Each person who attended the workshop learned how to create words and shapes using wire. We then gloriously turned them into rings, necklaces, bracelets, and bobby pins!! Trust us, we made enough bits of bling to fill our jewelry boxes as well as giveaway gifts to some special peeps. . .
Thank you Rachel for being the hottest hostess in town and opening up your beautiful home to us!!
XOXO Skills+Frills

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

One Kings Lane // Hunters Alley Workshop

Last week we packed up our crowns, kits, and cocktails and held a workshop for the foxes over at the One Kings Lane & Hunter's Alley at their office in Beverly Hills.  We taught the 35+ ladies how to create woven wall hangings and it's safe to say the craft was a hit!  Our kits were filled with yarns of different colors & textures and beads from all over the globe.  

Everyone's wall hanging had a unique composition and certainly impressed these crafting hostesses! The crafters were so focused on their wall hangings that few even took a break during the workshop.  The end result was a relaxing yet productive, social yet introspective night.  We are so happy to have met all of these women and to have been given the privilege of teaching them the very basics of a centuries old craft.
With a Bohemian vibe in mind we set the giant conference table with a variety of fresh flowers in bold colors, an abundance of fruit and candles, and infused personality into the space with unique vintage brass objects from G3QDesigns. Our Bohemian-inspired tablescape was made even more dramatic with the storm looming in the clouds behind the city skyline.  All of this was captured by the talented Kelly Crispin-Paulson of Wild Whim Photography and Design. (Stay tuned for a video capturing the entire evening!)

One Kings Lane has become a leader in the on-line home decor business. Hunter's Alley is her feisty younger sister who just recently made her debut. We congratulated the ladies on the launch of its foxy sister-site by gifting them with keys on necklaces that we hand embossed OKL // HA.  Each one of these hardworking women are the key to the success of the company! 
(Post how-to emboss your own keys coming soon!)

Thank you foxes!!!

Our Spring Schedule will be posted soon!
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Laura + Laura