Monday, April 28, 2014

Skills + Frills at Sourced Collective

What a night!  We made the trip down to Laguna Beach to host a workshop at the wonderful Sourced Collective.  We taught an incredible group of ladies how to make woven wall hangings and enjoyed a perfect evening.  The weather was dreamy, the ladies were creative and warmly open, and our venue couldn't have been more inspiring!  With bead-adorned crowns and yarn-laced needles we crafted well into the night (in fact we went nearly 2 hours over our normal workshop time!!).  Sourced, ladies, we look forward to seeing you again soon!

We topped our kits with triangles we cut out of rad geode paper from Paper Source and Himalayan Sea Salts.  We love it when we can double up on uses for things!  The Salts not only look cool, they are fantastic in a relaxing bath!

Ladies you were seriously incredible! What a fun, interesting, diverse group of women who did not want to stop weaving!!! We're so thrilled you enjoyed the night and we are stoked on how well your wall hangings came out!  (So sorry we missed some of you in the photo and HOW did we not get a close up of the lightening bolt?!)   Agh!!! 

Happy weaving!
Laura + Laura

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Macrame Workshop

Cording, beads, rings, succulents, macrame crowns?  Yes, please!!  We knew going in this was going to be one of our favorite workshops and it did not disappoint!  With tag lines like "just bead it", "get knotty", and "put a ring on it" we are both jonesing to do another!  (Stay tuned San Francisco friends!)

Everyone who attended learned several knotting techniques and how to web their cute succulent into the planter. 
Hand-died macrame crowns anyone?
The Food: We switched things up just a bit and in addition to our standard fare we added some organic fruit parfaits with home-made granola and we even baked Organic Pichuberry Bars!  The recipe for those is up on Laura G.s Blog!
Sweet, sweet macrame ladies!  You rocked this evening with so much laughter, occasional intensity, and overflowing creativity!  Thank for a wonderful evening!
What a killer night!!! Want to come to our next workshop?  It's April 26th in Laguna Beach from 4-7.  You can register on EventBright!

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Happy Crafting!
Laura + Laura

Workshop at Sourced Collective

We've been planning a weaving workshop in Laguna at Sourced Collective & we are so stoked that it is finally here!  We will be teaching basic weaving techniques and everyone will leave with their own woven tapestry.  The workshop is this Saturday, April 26th from 4-7pm. 
Register on Eventbright for the evening, spaces are limited!

Check out the pictures from our last weaving workshop for the ladies of One Kings Lane and Hunters Alley here.

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Hope to see you Saturday!
Laura + Laura 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Macrame Workshop Prep

This workshop turned out amazing! We loved the earthy subject matter, colors and textures. Here are just a few snaps of us getting ready for the main event.  Above: we found these rad geometrical beads but the holes were not large enough for our macrame cording. Not to worry, we love any excuse to bust out the drill and it worked perfectly for these baubles! 

Each person attending the workshop got to pick out a succulent {from a local flea market} to hang in their macrame planter.  We planted them in round fish bowls which we dipped in a cool gray color.  These little guys pack so much personality!

We've become obsessed with macrame and we couldn't wait to do a full wall-hanging.  We took out the hand saw to cut some copper piping and started up with this mint green cording.  Can't wait to see it finished!

The centerpieces:  We needed them heavy enough for people to tuck their hoops under for support at the workshop! We just took terracotta pots and saucers from our local home improvement store and gave them a twice over with gold and hot pink paint.  Planted some succulents and cacti and covered with white rocks.

The Snacks: The Pichuberry.  Everyone at the workshop can laugh about this one.  S.L.I.G.H.T. O.B.S.E.S.S.I.O.N

Photos of our lovelies and their plant hangers to come tomorrow.  
Happy Happy Easter Everyone.

Laura + Laura
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