Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Macrame Workshop

Cording, beads, rings, succulents, macrame crowns?  Yes, please!!  We knew going in this was going to be one of our favorite workshops and it did not disappoint!  With tag lines like "just bead it", "get knotty", and "put a ring on it" we are both jonesing to do another!  (Stay tuned San Francisco friends!)

Everyone who attended learned several knotting techniques and how to web their cute succulent into the planter. 
Hand-died macrame crowns anyone?
The Food: We switched things up just a bit and in addition to our standard fare we added some organic fruit parfaits with home-made granola and we even baked Organic Pichuberry Bars!  The recipe for those is up on Laura G.s Blog!
Sweet, sweet macrame ladies!  You rocked this evening with so much laughter, occasional intensity, and overflowing creativity!  Thank for a wonderful evening!
What a killer night!!! Want to come to our next workshop?  It's April 26th in Laguna Beach from 4-7.  You can register on EventBright!

Want to host your own Skills + Frills event?  Contact us at SkillsandFrills@gmail.com

Happy Crafting!
Laura + Laura


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