Wednesday, January 15, 2014

December: Wrap and Wreath Workshop

Our December Wrap + Wreath Workshop was a blast!!! We learned how to make wreaths using live greens and how to accent them to make all-year-round.  We also learned how to create tassels for wrap or to use as a key chain, how to wrap with fabric and we even wrapped keychain rings!  We can't forget the hand-made marbleized paper and the steps on how to recreate it at home!

Thank you to everyone who attended!  You made our holiday that much sweeter!
In an effort to minimize waste and to just be even craftier we made the centerpieces out of the greens that everyone used for their wreaths.  The kits were topped with pompoms that would later serve as wrapping and the tassel name tag doubled as a necklace!
This centerpiece ended up going into people's wreaths as well!
Special holiday crowns were passed out to each Skills + Frills guest!
Deconstructing the kit!
Awesome wreath themed cake pops were provided by Rachel Metz of Tickle Me Sweet!

Thank you again ladies! Your wreaths turned out incredible!!!  

Workshop Schedule:
Chalk Art Holiday (Westlake Village): Sold Out
Wrap + Wreath (Westlake Village): Sold Out
Dream Catcher/Chalk Art (Westlake Village) January 18: Sold Out
Dream Catcher/Chalk Art (San Francisco) January 25: REGISTER HERE
Private Parties: February/March 
(Contact Skills + Frills if you are interested in us teaching one of your parties!)
April Spring Workshop: Date TBD

Until next time, leave a little sparkle wherever you go!
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